“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

                                    -Joseph Pilates


Joseph Pilates emigrated from Germany in the 20's and brought with him a new form of fitness training aimed at dancers and athletes, a cross between yoga and calisthenics. His legacy has since become a sensation for all those wishing to reep the countless benefits.


In Pilates, repetition of movement is injected into traditional yoga asana training the body as an integrated whole, unique in that it doesn't overtrain certain muscle groups leaving others neglected, creating long, lean, efficient muscles. Core strength improves so the neck and shoulders can relax improving spinal health which can decrease back pain. While toning your physique, Pilates is a challenging, enjoyable way to achieve a well-balanced level of strength specific to each individual. I will encourage you to move with mindfulness. Various Pilates equipment is utilized and sessions end with a short, guided meditation.


MBB's Mama Pilates gives you the chance to reclaim your body after childbirth while nurturing your wee one's emotional, cognitive and physical development. Babies who are rocked and massaged within the context of a warm interpersonal connection with their mother are eased in development of motor skills, visual alertness, memory and sensory discrimination. It's an ideal way (always under the care of an experienced practitioner) to shower your baby with a full range of visual, tactile, auditory and motor stimulation as you are consistently engaged in multisensory contact. Throughout most exercises, your baby is within inches of your face; this mutual gaze between mom and baby alone provides a foundation for everything from social relatedness to language proficiency while helping to heal your own body.





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