Aerial Yoga



"For once you have tasted flight...

there you will long to return."

                                -Leonardo Da Vinci


Whether new to yoga or an experienced yogi, Aerial Yoga is a challenging yet relaxing way to explore, refine, and advance one's yoga practice. Asanas on the mat and in the air are done using a soft hammock suspended from the ceiling; acrobatic arts, dance and Pilates all lend to Aerial Yoga. While the aesthetic is what draws many to try, the benefits are of Aerial Yoga are vast: It reboots the circulatory system, increases flexibility and strength, and allows beginners to achieve advanced asanas without danger to the spine. A super fun way to achieve greater awareness of your body.

Sessions are adjusted to each individual but might begin with centering pranayama, move through a mat and aerial asana flow and end with guided meditation. I encourage you to remain present and mindful throughout the practice.





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